Syed Abidi on Charity

Syed Abidi on Charity

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    5. I agree, I found out it was on via a post on this blog and then spotted a small poster on a lamp post. I was already committed to something which prevented participation. There needs to be a better understanding and use of PR and advertising within counter cultural movements in order to build some more serious momentum. Questionable endeavors but our adversaries use these things very effectively. Lots of people need to know these things are happening!

    6. domanda:a suo tempo mi registrai per inviare il mio nome su marte nel chip menzionato da Paolo. Ma non ho trovato alcun modo di essere sicuro che ci sia arrivato a tanti anni di distanza. Qualcuno conosce un modo?p.s. Out of Curiosity ( 🙂 per curiosita'…), quanti di voi che leggete si sono registrati?

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    8. …und eine weitere anonyme Petze, bist ein ganz großer, solltest dich bei der Polizei bewerben, die brauchen bestimmt noch ein paar Fahnder! Warum machst du dir nicht die Mühe und sucht die anderen 186 Blogger raus und schreibst einen anoymen Blogbeitrag darüber?

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    10. su tuo consiglio ho preso leone pigliatutto, che samu adora, anche se solo 15mesenne.prossimo acquisto, un libro (vincitore del premio andersen, lo sapevi?).se posso consigliarti, della serie Ullalà della Emme edizioni, "oh oh", di Sophie Fatus 😉

    11. Yes every year I renew my PBS membership to coincide with his latest performance so I can be treated back with one of his thank-you’s. Books, audio CD’s, and DVDs. Have you enjoyed his DVD “The Shift” yet? It is quite wonderful. Worthy of frequent replays. Big hugs to a kindred spirit, or should I say kindred ‘student’?

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    14. Fernanda comentou em 9 de novembro de 2011 às 19:27. Oi Julia, me empolguei tanto com o manual que fui logo esquentando me babyliss…mas eu sou tão monga que enquanto ele esquentava, acabou a luz aqui eu casa e quando eu vi achei q não tava ligado…adivinhe o q aconteceu….mimimimi, peguei na parte do ferro sem querer, e fritei minha mão :(. Então só p avisar…meninas, babyliss queima e faz bolhas!!! Tomem muito cuidado!!!! bjos

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    16. Field, Im dissapointed you missed Mr. Sodini's obviously mixed background..just look at those flaring nostrils and liver lips…looks sorta like if Apollo Creed bleached his skin to do a "White Like Me" documentary…and he didn't kill 1/2 as many as that Long Island Housewife did a few weeks ago, strung out on the Ganja and Absolut…Frank

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    21. red on this before. People that do overland trips by 4×4 have those things with them.Also a spare tire is great use. Some new cars don’t even come with spare tires anymore. When doing long trips (or in case of a? bug out or so) an extra spare tire is great. My 4×4 will have 2spare tires when i buy one (still saving) and eventually a buildin air compressor. No need of a bicycle pump (those air compressors do exist in small kits and are 12V)It will get you home and then it’s time to repair

    22. Thankyou so much Deb for this entry. I’m the queen of procrastination. This info is a keeper and I’ll be printing it out.My problem is the ” can’t” and not believing which keeps me in that dreaded comfort zone. Steps..whether big or small that’s the answer and I have always known it. So why aren’t I moving..ugh how frustraiting.

    23. Well we are glad you made it home safe and sound! What a lot of work but it looks like you had an amazing time! LOVE your pictures of the trip home so beautiful! Before you leave on your next adventure and its warmer and nicer can we do family pics again with you we'd love it! Darren on the other hand won't ha ha! Glad your home!

    24. Colleen,you and my daughter seem to be in the same boat, so to speak. She travels with the same items as you do, but she also brought tuna packs with her which do not take up a lot of space and are lighter than a can. They were a lifesaver for lunches with crackers in Europe. Can you do tuna/salmon? She has discovered that she can tolerate sheep cheese(pecorina) so it is great for pizzas (Manchego available at Whole Foods but best price at Costcos and TJs and for salads ther is a sheep feta from Israel at TJs that is delic) .

    25. Ronny Geenen zegt:7 december 2012“Goede dag kollega Ed Vos. Ja ik ben ook fotograaf en doe veel architectural fotografie voor makelaars. ”Zo wordt de koloniale pais en vree dus weer hersteld.p.s. ik ben geen fotograaf, maar een hobbyist, en ik fotografeer ook het liefst architectuur. Overigens schijnt er een ander Ed Vos fotograaf te zijn, maar die ben ik dus niet

    26. c0232Bonjour à tous et bienvenus au pays de la prévoyance.                            Ah ? zut, loupé !   Donc bien venu au pays de la voyance tout court …              Ce qui est sûr, c’est que le chemin de la réflexion,de la responsabilité et de le gestion avec une vision longue durée                              n’est pas encore pris !7ec

    27. Loved the bit about memory being the great cosmetician:-)Haven’t we all experienced that height (or is it the depths?) of self-indulgence: falling into feeling that anyone/everyone else’s past is better than our own? And in the end we must still confront the three fears of No Center, No Meaning, and No Self. Really nice, Jay!

    28. The technique of stop motion animation was used by Morph on Hartbeat. Aardman and Nick Park then used it for Wallace and Gromit.Photosonics (extreme super slow motion) was used on Linda McCartney commercials. M&S used the same technique for their food campaigns.A camera technique or shooting style, once used, does not mean that it can never be used again.

    29. Ana comentou em 23 de agosto de 2011 às 10:29. Ola! Gostaria de saber se a Julia já usou o batom da MAC Snob ou Saint Germain em algum tutorial. Pela busca não encontrei. Qual a diferença entre eles? Qual é menos rosa?

    30. Ooohh, and I just had another thought.If every “age” and culture had it’s own expression of authentic Christian faith, what would the “Christian Information Age” look like?What kinds of challenges do we as individual believers face?How would the church life be expressed?Should we expect today’s Christian community to resemble that of the industrial age?Haha… does my mind ever hush?

    31. Heel erg leuk om te bekijken. Wat houd jij je bureau netjes! Ik ben daar heel erg slecht in, ookal wordt ik wel heel blij van een leeg bureau.En er is iets anders aan je make-up en ik vind het heel erg mooi staan, ookal kan ik niet helemaal bedenken wat het is 😛

    32. HA, you guys are dealers then.Also, I agree with Alan. I don’t want to see any Six Point drinkers snickering at the guy drinking Bud on the next stool over. Let’s promote the greatness of craft brews, but let’s not be snobby about it. That’s why I think you guys are good representatives of the movement.

    33. I want to know is it required for you to have Demise king of armageddon in your hand to ritual summon it with the ritual card contract with the abyss? I don’t know if you can just ritual summon it from your deck or does it have to be in your hand? Same goes with the ritual card End of the World?

    34. Pâmella comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 11:32. Oi Julia!!Sou nova por aqui…to adorando tudo..não sei se vc já falou sobre isso… mas qual protetor solar vc usa no rosto, no inverno e no verão??Ele interfere muito na maquiagem??bjoss..bjoss

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    37. btw, as I’m sure many have forgot about how WTC7 looked when it got demolished, here’s a refresher, courtesy of Architects&Engineers for 9/11 truth:If somebody believes that all those smart people who planned buildings like this didn’t foresee that a fire could break out, I have a bridge to sell you.

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    39. Beste Delicious.Ben zelf net 1 dag terug uit Italy, dus de omschakeling naar Kerst is inadaedrd mega groot, maar wat ik graag zou willen zien is een Kerst buffet, aangezien wij klein behuisd zijn maar toch voor een 10 tot 12 personen een Kerstmaaltijd willen organiseren.Alvast veel succes met het Kerstnummer en kan nu al niet wachten.CiaoLinda

    40. Entièrement d’accord avec toi. Et c’est d’ailleurs pour cela que, malgré le procès en cours et tous les mails que j’ai reçus de la part de Kokopelli, je n’ai pas fait d’article tendancieux sur le sujet, n’ayant pas envie de crier avec la meute contre Baumaux (dont je reste client).

    41. Once both the parties decide to “fight it out” by “violence” or Whatever new terminology Vinavu and his “Thozharkal” uses for that… settle it that way.Why wasting so much of time by doing “therumunai Pracharam” etc etc… One thing is very clear : Vinavu is trying very hard to justify the violence in Maruti but somehow it is going in vain. Again this is also not a surprise as vinavu always try to justify something wrong in the name of “Puratchikara Sinthanai”

    42. 1e3Adorei o post. Criei o meu blog há uma semana no máximo, mais acredite ou não já faz um ano que eu estava pesquisando a respeito dos blogs do moda.Tinha medo de nao ser notada, até que agora tomei coragem e resolvi fazer. Ainda sou meio amadora, mais estou fazendo o meu melhor, e espero que dê certo, afinal faço por paixao.adorei muito seu post mesmo, parabens. beijooos

    43. / I've seen those school lunches, they look custom made for the little people from Oliver Twist. If you'd have tried to serve that to me when I was 15 I would have laughed in your face. My suggestion is to make a little more at dinner and pack your kids sustaining lunches from the leftovers – it seems to really school systems and the gov when you don't participate.

    44. une plutôt mauvaise nouvelle pour les lecteurs de ce blog… une bonne nouvelle pour toi… Allez ! dans la balance – et avec un zest de « la vie continue » – que du positif. Bonne continuation et que l’honnêté des positions prises, sobrement mais sans hypocrisie, continue de te définir.

    45. Primeiramente PARABÉNS a todos os profissionais da área, afinal, hoje é o nosso dia Eu entrei na facul a pouco tempo, tive que comprar meu jaleco e aproveiteiuma promo que achei, só pra compartilhar mesmo, vai que alguém assim como eu tambémestá precisando, né?Beijos

    46. anonym 00:20- Poängteras skall är att det i 99 procent av fallen som skit händer på våra arenor inte är Wisemen utan ultras/supras/andra klackgrupper som ligger bakom. Så varför skulle någon agera mot huliganer? Det är ju inte dessa som sysslar med bangers och pyroteknik!!

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    49. I love to garden. Can’t wait to taste my first fresh tomato. Plan to get an herb garden together. Would like to get green beans and peas going too. And need lettuce and carrots and radishes and onions for salads and cooking. Just love fresh home raised foods. Would really like to try a raised bed this year. As I’m getting older~ it brings the garden a little closer to work in too.

    50. I definitely relate to this, big-time. Online, I’m in my element.I can take the time to form a response, to think through things. I’m much better in RL social situations than I was when I was younger, but I can only take so much before I get cranky and tired Heck, I still dislike talking on the phone to strangers, but thankfully not to the heights that I used to before having to do it all the time for my previous job.I am definitely a true introvert in that I get my energy from being alone. Working from home is the perfect lifestyle for me – though I can understand it would be a challenge for extroverts.

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    53. Bondo Bill – “SMART” is what will destroy the communistic illegal alien threat of today – I hope all read and heed that warning. Along with the old saying “Think outside the box” is another one I know that you’re aware of – maybe some aren’t though “Read between the lines”. Sometimes there can be a lot of info there.

    54. it varies depending on the erg. the numbers on the side aren’t calibrated to anything and the actual pressure it takes will change depending on altitude that’s why you? need to use the display drag factor feature to set it to the appropriate amount. 120 for men and 110 for women. no matter what your fitness level is.

    55. Je prends une apnée pour vous répondre Daaphnée :C’est trop d’honneur que de pouvoir imaginer être cet afghan au poil long et soyeux, si par mégarde votre main s’égarait en chemin sur ma fourrure pour me gratter gentiment entre les oreilles…Ouaaaff !La Papatte ?

    56. In response to Ron, it may or may not be a bloody knife. I have never been on food stamps but my family WAS on the WIC program and that state-run program is pretty strict on what you can and cannot get, i.e., ‘nutritious’ foods from a grocery store. If food stamps don’t work that way, then it is just another way for parents to be blamed for not providing for their children properly.

    57. Oh. My. Goodness! What a great giveaway!!! I have to be honest, my children do not know the book or movie yet. So they do not have a favourite…but something tells me this is something to show them RIGHT NOW. I would love to take my oldest to the show – amazing video preview!! I am juest as excited as a parent to see it!

    58. 1. Vysvětlil, ale pro Vás je to příliš složité.2. Chtěl jsem doložení Vašeho faktu, nic jste nedokázal navíc jste znovu sklouznul ke lži. Referendum je vyjádření vůle občanů ne manipulace totalitního státu. Stále čekám na to jak vedlo mnohokrát a k tragickým výsledkům lháři. 3. Urážíte a sprostě nadáváte, já se jen přizpůsobil Vašemu stylu diskuse.4. Takže byste mi rád uvedl všechny přezdívky, víte že jasně porušují pravidla, ale nevíte jaké to jsou. Děkuji bezcharakterní lháři.

    59. of mice and men was a work of FICTION. Maybe you should live in REALITY once in a while. And where did you find that statistic, because I know for a fact that it is NOT scientifically sound? Do you have a medical degree? Do you work in the social services field. When you become a scientist, doctor, social worker, teacher, or otherwise qualified professional that can back up your statement, then we will talk. Until then, Keep your hurtful and hateful comments to yourself!

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    61. Why is there nobody claiming that Sandy was divine punishment for the United States for supporting Israel? It seems to me that the United States spends far more time, money, and effort supporting Israel than it does applying pressure to Israel. There must be some Neturei Karta rabbis who would offer quotes on this. At the very least, it would piss off Abe Foxman.

    62. kita semua mesti mahu faham apa itu perkataan “Tanak”..kan kitai orang sabah_ba, enda dia orang akan faham..mendalam, kita’nik sama rambut hitam…tapi hati nya..yang lain-lain’yak, Awang liau tuk..enda’yea ya mengucap basa’yak…kalau “TANAK”…erti’nya “ANAK..’Leh, begul si orang nik,

    63. "Obama's seriously intent tone, the one that signals you to pay attention, no longer works on even the faithful. Like Pavlov's dogs, they have stopped coming once they realized that just because the bell rings doesn't mean that dinner or a functional economy will be served." He promised a chicken in every pot but people have begun to realize they actually elected a chicken who likes pot. ~ arasina ~

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    65. I am no longer surprised at what small minded people do, but I am always delighted at the response of well-educated, open-minded, and dare I say "liberal" folks(in its true definition) to rise up and keep the flame burning. Science ain't dead yet – not even in Tenn.

    66. Oui Copé Mélenchon même combat. Et pourquoi pas Le Pen Mélenchon même combat. Tous ce qui compte c’est de casser le gouvernement actuel.Il ne faut pas oublier que dans lés années 1920 en Allemagne le principal ennemi des Communistes c’étaient les sociaux démocrates.Et ce n’est pas un point Godwin, juste un peu de connaissance de l’histoire des idées en Europe…

    67. Paprika: Varázsceruzád? És mihez kezdenél vele? :)@Robi: Ráfoghatjuk, mert a vajszósz, az vajszósz. 🙂 De itt nincs redukálva az ecet, no meg a hollandaise-ben mustár sincs, illetve lehet, de akkor utólag keverik bele és már más néven fut, de attól még vajszósz marad. Csodálkoztam, hogy egyáltalán megálltak! :))

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    69. A proposito di “uso creativo dell’italiano”… noi romagnoli abbiamo il brutto vizio (uno dei tanti) di dire “ho rimasto” (p. e. “ho rimasto solo 10 euro”). Il bello e’ che tantissimi sono del tutto inconsapevoli dello strafalcione… io per esempio me ne sono reso conto solo all’universita’, quando a un esame il professore mi interruppe con “scommetto che lei e’ romagnolo” :-))

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    1. this blog is almost (ALMOST) making me homesick….until I read CWlison’s reply!! We are coming to visit in July, and I am looking forward to real pretzels, pierogies, genuine Philly cheese steaks and diner food!!! (Notice how the visit is completely focused on food groups!!)

    2. Wie? Das Foto stammt tatsächlich von dir? AUTSCH! Ich hatte erst gedacht, es wäre irgendein extrem übertriebenes Fotos bezüglich dieses Themas – ohweh.Grundsätzlich weiß es ja jeder, aber immer dieses Einschmieren – nervt ja schon. Und wenn es dann gar nicht so warm wirkt, vergisst man es schnell.

    3. “and one of the tragedies of the above article is that it does not deal with more up-to-date research….”How does the latest research trump the authority of an Ecumenical Council? Does the latest research makeCalvin out to be an iconodule?Calvin is an iconoclast, why does demonstrating that become “convertitis”?

    4. Love your current playlist. Yes definitely to Matt Nathanson and I can't get sick of Call Me Maybe. LOVE it!BIG BROTHER! YES! I can't wait. My fave summer guilty pleasure :)Try the outlet mall for the Dooney style. I was at the one in San Marcos last week and I swear I saw that one there (not sure if it was the same color though).

    5. In Thailand for 12 days… our last night there we decided to go watch the boxing… what a great decision it was We met Veronika outside the stadium before it started and got some photo’s with her! She is the nicest person and spoke with us for 5 mins. We wished her the best of luck – which she didn’t need! Was the quickest fight but the best! We were making the most noise cheering her on. Good on ya Veronika

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    10. Coronel,eu. Eu estou mentindo. Quando digo que a Dilma foi terrorista e não perdeu o ranço; quando digo que o Zé Dirceu foi terrorista e mudou para chefe de organização criminosa; quando digo que o Genuíno, o genérico, também foi terrorista e dedo duro; quando digo que esses vagabundos assumiram o poder para saquear os cofres públicos. Sim, sou um grande mentiroso.

    11. a respeito do Zecharia Sitchin, não existe outro “especialista” nessa área não?Qual a interpretação dele sobre as escritas? Acho interessante essa coisa dele ter sido chamado pela NASA como consultor… no livro dele pelo menos consta essa referÊncia… agora se é veridica ou não, num sei!alguém tem informações relevantes a respeito?

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    19. Hi Ellen, oh my gosh, I sooo much like this steampunk Christmas card! How cool is this?! You know what I like so much about your blog is that you make so many different things. I try doing that myself too, challenging myself to do new stuff, so thanks so much for the inspiration Ellen! Hugs Frea

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    30. Hi! Your roses are gorgeous! I've had to be really selective in the roses I grow since our humidity is so high. I've done well with an Austin Sceptre d'Isle, Night Owl, William Shakespeare (also an Austin) and an apricot climber I can't remember the name of!! Great blog!!! :0)

    31. Hi Missy-A,“Going Green” is an attempt to save the planet we live on. But, it’s too little, and TOO LATE to doany recognizable good—the deadly damage has already been done. Yes, it’s a polite gesture, and anice thought, but how do you quickly put a band-aid on a popping balloon?? No Way !! All we can do by “living green”, is to slow down the inevitable, gloomy end. (…prolong our suffering…)

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    33. Life is so complicated and busy these days, it’s hard to be an expert on everything or even a well-versed amateur. Thanks, Tina, for taking the time to become knowledgable on a topic that mattered to you and for sharing it with others who may care but have little time to invest in learning “everything.” I love kika clothing: for the comfort, the style, the company, the people who started the company and most of all, for all that it stands for. Go Tina, Go kika, go USA!

    34. Further clarification: I was thinking about my half-brother, not a brother-in-law, so I didn’t pay attention to that distinction, and I don’t even know if I have a brother-in-law, because my family has drifted apart over the years without purposing to do so. For what it’s worth. I only mention it now for the sake of honesty.

    35. I have to admit I am addicted to Pinterest. I too have used it to DO somethings like make a music paper wreath, cooked some yummy recipes, used some ideas for holiday decorating and even used some wardrobe ideas. Love it. One question though, I can’t seem to figure out how to find friends on there that have boards. Does anyone know how to do that?

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    55. Success in the public realm is largely a happy happenstance. But if you’ve written a good book, which I’m guessing you have (I’m still waiting to get my copy to read it!), just accept the the accolades. Maybe you’re worried that the publicity that the blog brings gives you a boost up. But you’ve done similar things for other writers right here on this blog, so it would only be just if some of that came back to you!

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    60. The reason why conservatives are incapable at mass cult following like the suicidal regimes of Leftist throughout history is because conservatives have a pacifist virus from Christian theology. Pacifism lends way to militancy as seen time and time again. Once we stop pretending that we can "spread the good word" of conservatism and, instead, bring it thus forcefully, then will we have a shot. Until then, we are like sheep for the Marxist slaughter.

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    62. , either rate something 5 stars, very rarely rate something 1, and almost never in between. A thumbs up/thumbs down could definitely be more efficient! I don't think favoriting a video is a good indicator of love, because honestly I only favorite videos I want to see again and again and again.. but I would rate highly so many videos that if I favorites everything I rated 5 stars I'd be totally clogged up on my favorites and never find the stuff I really want to see again.

    63. I finally have a chance to start replying to your posts again, and you abandon your blog indefinitely! I *suppose* if you feel you should work on something as trivial as your thesis, I won’t kvetch too much about it. Good luck on that. Finish soon. Get back to blogging.

    64. I’m still trying to find the right words too! I guess I meant that there’s not a specific time in the service where this is expressed, when compared with the Anglican Eucharist for example. I think the contemplative part is more “behind the scenes” both individually and in other meetings rather than on the Sunday morning.

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    88. To inability to understand the human right of freedom to access of the internet (and therefore information) amazes me. That, and blaming 4 company men who had absolutely nothing to do with the issue is, in my opinion, stupidity. To be honest, Google should leave Italy (as well as China) and continue business in the more open minded world.

    89. Thank you Abby for saying what needs to be said!!! Artificial contraception is a form of enslavement….and not good for relationships. My husband and I also use NFP, but the Billings method. We love it! And we are reducing our divorce rate by using it, how great is that?! I hope more people will take the time to check out NFP and find the NFP method that works best for them.

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    1. 1. This is being covered by the media at large.2. Van Jones’ position appeared to render his thoughts irrelevant, based on where he was stashed in the administration.3. Reverend Wright’s thoughts are not necessarily representative of Obama.2 and 3 are because they aren’t relevant to the POTUS. I’ll give you 1.

    2. Only in America could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought of as“extremists.”Only in America could the most productive people who pay 86% of all income taxes be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all. Can’t say as I share your optimism Mr. Gebhardt, I’m with c.R. Stucki. I think you forgot to vote on Nov. 6th for a start, either that or haven’t turned the TV on since. Cliff is at the top, hole is at the bottom, separated by how long you fall only.

    3. further, you really dodged the benefit issue.if such "chits" let me, the builder, get around regulations as you propose, then i can buy them up from across town and put in a hip hop club next to your house.i wind up paying a bunch of folks who are not harmed and harming your neighborhood without compensation.if you make it completely localized, then i'll get nibmy'd to death.your system seems to cause more problems than it solves.

    4. #1 – From the article;In June 2001 under Gov. Donald DiFrancesco, a nearly unanimous Legislature approved the first significant change to the basic pension formula in 44 years, providing a 9 percent increase in pension benefits for more than 354,000 employees and 125,000 retirees.Does anyone know if these numbers are accurate? If they are, how does this state have 350k employees and what are they doing?

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    15. Was genau verstehst Du nicht daran, dass mich deine Gedanken einen Scheißdreck interessieren?”Somit erübrigt sich m.E. jegliche Diskussion. Im finde den Pallenberg übrigens schon lange unsympathisch, allerdings sehe ich in der Art und Weise wie sich beide Kombattanten ausdrücken und mit ihrer Leserschaft umgehen nicht wirklich viele Unterschiede.

    16. Εξυπακούεται ότι θα είμαι εκεί…… Ραντεβού την πρωτομαγιά λοιπόν στο Μαραθώνα. Το μόνο που θα ήθελα να μου πείτε ξανά είναι το σε ποιο σημείο μαζευόμαστε και τι προετοιμασία πρέπει να έχουμε κάνει ο καθένας. Μπράβο σας για το εγχείρημα και εύχομαι ένα επαναστατικό 2013!!!!!

    17. AnitaThe cheesecake was delicious. Although “tofu is good for you” I did not taste it at all!Also we women need to get out of our own way. I had the benefit of growing up with two brothers and realized that quite early in life. It has shaped my personality ever since. So kudos to you and the preceptor.

    18. Grazie Annika,for the word of wisdom. That’s esattamente what I wa planning on doing. Walk and find the treasures of Rome. After all, we’re staying in Trastevere, so we’ll be surrounded by beauty and history. Una domanda for the Colosseum, is it necessary to make una prenotazione ahead of time?Sono contenta per te che ti piace il tuo lavoro. Sei una coragiosa, gentile ragazza.

    19. dit :Bonjour Sylvain,Merci de nous faire partager ta bibliothèque.Je connaissais pas le ‘goelan’, je vais le lire sur tes conseils.En ce qui concerne celui-ci « Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master », tu penses qu’il faut un bon niveau d’anglais pour le comprendre?Merci Alex Articles récents..

    20. I also love FBF, so drop my name in the hat…. I plan to diet, exercise and zumba in this new year. Did I read that right??? dress down day for the service???? that is just wrong… there’s nothing finer than a man in uniform…loved the friday funnies.. you still got it Heidi!!!!!!!

    21. Inspiring! The couch has become my office and I like hearing that you had to get off yours. It is such a good point that when I sit down here it is not always to relax so my mind reacts differently. We are moving soon and I have been daydreaming of a little nook with an inspiration board above for me to work at now I also want a comfy chair to contemplate stuff! Photo please!P.S. Love that you draw a tarot card for the day – I might have to dig my deck out now 🙂

    22. Hi Angie! This is crunchy goodness.. I used to munch on these (well, store bought).. guilty I know >.<. I really love the sweetness of the honey, smokey taste of the nuts all combined together. Gives that crunchy, chewy texture. Love it!!! I only wish you could mail some to my door step. That would make me really happy. LOL… xoxo

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    25. Way to go, Theodora! Congratulations on the PR! It’s funny… my husband ran the full marathon (I did the 10k) and he HATED Crystal City! He was so frustrated that it was a big loop and didn’t really go anywhere. Most of the finishers I’ve spoken with had a hard time on Sunday– the wind was no one’s friend. I can’t wait to hear about your fourth mary!Leah H recently posted..

    26. Jos mietitään tuota kasvissyönnin ekologisuutta, niin paljonkos enemmän kasvissyöjä pahimmillaan kuluttaa ympäristöä ja aiheuttaa ilmastonmuutosta, kuin sekasyöjä?Kuitenkin suuri osa kasvissyöjän syömistä hedelmistä ja muista tuotteista tuodaan tänne kylmään pohjoiseen lentokoneilla kaukaisista maista, ja nämä koti-Suomessakin kasvatetut salaatit ja tomaatit tuotetaan paljolla valolla, lämmöllä ja vedellä kasvihuoneissa – ei kovin ekoa.Eli ovatkohan ajatelleet tätä puolta lainkaan?

    27. Eric ten Westenend 08.04.2009 – 19:55 Hi Daniel,Do you remember me from borland conferences?I have a question you maybe can answer:When IB2007 is running not on port 3050 but on 3051 because another IB is already working on 3050 how can i tell mey client software (Delphi/IBXpress) to use the other 3051 port?Daniel: or

    28. Yes yes yes to screw the rules. I'm obsessed with wearing shorts all the time and it doesn't matter what size I am. I was so surprised when my ("perfectly" proportioned, size two) sister told me she felt really self conscious in shorts. It became my goal in life to see her wear a pair, and we totally found a great pair for when she goes to Hawaii in a few weeks to get married. It's a happy ending, but I was so surprised to hear about her insecurities. I'm glad you got over them, too–your legs look absolutely delicious in those shorts!

    29. Because the Iraqi highway system was built by french and German engineers in the 70′s and 80′s with Iraq’s oil revenues. The Iraqi road network was built much like the Interstate system in the US, or the Autobahns in Germany. This is easy enough to build and maintain in a country which is primarily desert. Russia, OTOH is pretty much like Northern Canada or Alaska, in the fact that it consists of a lot of bogs, marshes, and swampy land over permafrost. This stuff is an engineers nightmare for road building, as roads will require heavy maintenance every spring due to frost damage from the winter months.

    30. Ca…. o look esta de take a breath away rsrsrs … mais cade aqueles looks da forever 21 , tjmaxx… pra nos que esta fora da realidade estas marcas maravilhosas…. Voce podia fazer um video pra nos meninas arrazar que nem voce ne num look mais em conta …. rsrsr Enfim linda como sempre ….. Deus continue Ilumindado esse caminho lindo seu … =)E sempre deixando nos leitoras mas lindassss … no dia a dia …Thank you !!!!! []

    31. 29 agosto 2011 non pensateci nemmeno!quando ho avuto i gemelli quella paranoica della mia pediatra(nel senso che lo era stata sino a poco tempo prima) mi ha costretta ad usare quelli lavabili.20 CAMBI A GEMELLO AL GIORNO il più delle volte compresi tutina e mutandine perchè si inzuppava tutto.sino ad un anno ho inserito quelli di carta tra quelli di stoffa per sopravvivere poi….w i pampers e chi li ha inventati!

    32. I would ask that breastfeeding mamas be a little bit nicer to those women who have honestly articulated a contrary view. Just because something is a law, doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with it… there will always be those who don’t agree. You will convince people of the merits of your opinion if you respond better than I have seen a lot of people do in this discussion here and on other threads.

    33. Henk Blanken, “Soms word ik ‘s zwetend wakker van de gedachte dat die internetgeneratie het werkelijk zonder ons, journalisten, denkt te kunnen, omdat ze Google en hun persoonlijke online en sms-vriendennetwerk als “redactioneel filter” gebruiken.”Bestaat dezelfde eigenwijsheid niet tussen hoge kwaliteitsjournalisten? Bijvoorbeeld over de vraag wat kwaliteit is, of de afspraken daarover?

    34. Įsigyjus naują telefoną,senąji parduodu arba atiduodu:) net gi buvau radusi kažkieno pamesta telefoną,tai suradau jo savininką ir sėkmingai perdaviau jam o va visai nesenai mano vaikas pametė savo telefoną ir taip pat mus surado ir jį gražino mums

    35. 6:32"This attorney has been studying all past cases so he knows what went wrong and how to fix it."Apparently not. I took a look at the Liberty Legal Foundation's website, and based on the two cases for which they are soliciting people to "join" (for a donation, of course) it is clear the this attorney is clueless about Article III standing.Y'all are in for a heap of disappointment. Again.

    36. Per theDRaKKaR Non sei stata attenta, Accademia. Anon dice di essere in possesso del codice sorgente del virus.Attento.Ma dove? Negli articoli citati non l'ho letto.E sono gli stessi degli attacchi falliti ai siti istituzionali italiani? Mi pare molto strano…

    37. De mon côté j’ai trouvé ce film ennuyeux au possible. Je n’avais pas lu le livre donc je ne peut pas comparer (enfin j’ai pu comparer vite fait avec une BD adaptée du livre que j’ai chez moi), mais d’un point de vue cinématographique l’intérêt frise le néant. En 2012 on peut encore être impressionné par ces décors num…

    38. HejJeg har brugt tilmeldingen, men der var ikke tilmelding til hold. Jeg vil gerne på Zumba hold II torsdag kl 19-20. Er der stadig plads?Hanne Bruun Førster vil også gerne på det hold. Kan jeg tilmelde hende på denne måde, eller skal I have alle hendes oplysninger?mvh Charlotte

    39. My lazy-ish, summer friendly way? Throw frozen chicken breasts and a bag of frozen, sliced peppers and onions (Hanover brand, I think) into the crock pot for a couple hours. Drain, slice chicken. Toss with oil/seasoning/whatever, put on rolls, top with cheese, then toss under the broiler.Either way, good stuff. 🙂 

    40. one isn’t that much cause for alarm. When I started looking at the statistics, one looked pretty darned good compared to the three Livie has! That being said, none is always better that one – curious which one are you guys positive for? Also high/medium/low titer? Ask them to fax you the results. I just like having all the paperwork and they’re happy to do so, but just don’t if not asked.

    41. Claudio Grieco. Abito in provincia di Varese e lavoro a Milano, nell'informatica. Seguivo PSDRevolution da appassionato di fotoritocco (ma anche fotografia e montaggio video), ho seguito una tua firma e sono arrivato qui. Mi piace il modo in cui lavori e scrivi e ti seguo (anche) nella speranza di imparare qualcosa. Condividiamo la passione per la Apple, ma non quella per le donne appariscenti e stupide… senza offesa :)Batman non è una mia fissa, ma un soprannome risalente ai tempi dell'università affibiatomi per una presunta somiglianza. A te, comunque, il costume sta molto bene.CiaoClaudio

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    43. Krzychu, nie przejmuj siÄ™. Firewall prawdopodobnie nie jest potrzebny, tak samo jak antywirus, czy ciÄ…gÅ‚e robienie defragmentacji itp. WiÄ™kszość dystrybucji ma normalne graficzne konfiguratory do wszystkiego i nie musisz znać żadnych konsolowych komend (choć ich znajomość to z pewnosciÄ… wielkie udogodnienie, bo i szybciej i proÅ›ciej różne rzeczy zrobić w konsoli). Sofcik instalujesz z repozytoriów, nie musisz niczego szukać, wszystko jest za free, system jest bezpieczny i stabilny. Å»yć nie umierać! 🙂

    44. I’m interested in knowing what other web searches our classmates use other than Google. Google has been my go-to since I stopped using all those years ago. I’m looking forward to see how your students do on the exercise with WP next week. Kids seem to pick up/learn things a little faster at times. I think the exercise for your students is a great idea!

    45. Never has this issue in Firefox, only in IE. But this worked for both browsers.Respose.ClearHeaders();Response.ClearContent();Response.Clear();Response.ContentType = “image/jpeg”;Response.AddHeader(“Content-Disposition”, “attachment;filename=Reports.jpeg”);Response.AddHeader(“Pragma”, “public”);Response.AddHeader(“Cache-Control”, “max-age=0″);Response.Flush();Response.TransmitFile(“C:\\Reports.jpeg”);try{Response.End();}catch(Exception ex1){throw ex1;}

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    48. Jerry –I think Gonzo worried too much about chemistry(i.e making Harvey happy). Willard should just play the guys that deserve the playing time — The competetion should be good for the team.As for RU, before making them the favorites for the Big East in 2011, lets make sure the kids all get into to schoool and are as good as the experts say. I hope Rice does not turn out to be like Gonzo, good with lesser players but unable to rise to the next level with the big boys.P.S. How is fatherhood? Is the kid toilet trained yet?

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    50. Hey Sandra…Jordon is packing his bags? Appears that he ran out of money? The guy committed 2 years and DID NOT MAKE A DIME ?? If he was…He would have stuck around?Jordon…FYI, Donald Trump will do and say anything for the right amount of money. He’s a puppet for the American Dollar. No matter how you bake this thing…Michael Force is making piles of money selling the idea that everyone already knows…EVERYONE wants to make money.

    51. What a lovely post with two lovely stories, Gina! Wow! I needed to read this, as I am not feeling quite cheerful today… I love to know about people who are trying to spread kindness. I always try to be nice to every person who provides a service to me and my family. My dad tends to be a little explosive with restaurant staff, or police officers, or taxi drivers but I always try to make him see how most of the times those people are only doing their jobs and are not directly responsible for his complaints.You are a very inspiring person to read Gina. Thank youu!

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    53. I, personally, always considered Pete Townsend to be more punk than rockstar. A once teddy, then guitar smashing mod, who went deaf while wearing one-piece jumpsuits while threatening to kill Abbie Hoffman, and at around the same time was bisexual and had an Indian guru? Plus he really only played four chords. Pretty punk to me.

    54. I. I got it the next day at Best Buy, strangely enough.Well, I just _had_ to go and read the first chapter….. 12 hours later I’d finished the beast, making a personal one day record that probably won’t be beat anytime soon.We’ll have to email each other and share all the spoilers. heh.Jason

    55. It’s impossible for me to look at the number of dead people on the island and not reflect on how the must have just been slaughtered like sheepIt makes me angry that they were obviously deprived of their right of self-defense.

    56. …moi ce que je ne trouve pas très réaliste, c’est rachida qui fait les soldes, à mon avis si elle a envie de s’habiller, elle doit pouvoir le faire n’importe quand. Quoiqu’il en soit je ne suis pas sur que les vêtements de créateurs/couturiers/stylistes soient soldés !ps : j’attends la 2e avec impatience

    57. As I placed my order inside Bigby this afternoon someone in the drive through was paying it backwards. I told the cashier I heard about it on the radio but had never seen it take place. I went on to tell the cashier the “awesome” story I heard of the lady who was about to cancel her pie order but it was covered when she got to the window. As we were talking the customer at the window who had their order paid for decided to pay for my $2 coffee inside and give the remaining $4 of what his coffee may have cost to the tip jar. It made many people’s afternoon! Thank you for starting a positive contagion!

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