Latvia is located along the eastern coast of the Baltic sea, Latvia is considered as a geographic hotspot for its role as a crossroad between the East, West, North and South.


  • Bachelor / Master/ Doctorate level Programs taught in English
  • Prestigious Globally Recognized Degrees
  • Government approved Universities
  • Exchange semester or internship abroad
  • Attractive Tuition Fee
  • On-campus accommodation provided
  • Numerous opportunities for leisure activities and sports

Qualifications and Duration:

  • Bachelor’s degree – 3 to 4 years.
  • Master’s degree are 4 semesters long (2 years)

Language of Study:

The official state language is Latvian, international students can easily get around with a command of Russian and English. There are almost 200 international study programmes (Bachelors, Masters and PhDs) and courses taught entirely in English for those who want to study abroad in Latvia. You can usually find Russian-taught courses in private universities.

English Language Requirement:

English Language Requirements: IELTS/TOEFL is not compulsory to obtain study permit of Latvia.


Latvian universities have two major intakes February and September.


Latvian universities already have LOW fees so they have fewer scholarships to offer international students.