Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular study abroad destination – especially for medicine. Hungarian higher education has gained great credibility over the years in, among other things; it’s very strong tradition in the sciences. Beyond high-quality education. Hungary also offers a lively and welcoming culture, a fascinating history and beautiful cities.

Hungary’s high-quality medical degrees are accepted by the World Health Organization and are directly transferrable to any EU country. Schools in Hungary are increasingly offering medical degrees in both English and other foreign languages such as German in order to attract more foreign students.

Degree structure in Hungary

Degrees in Hungarian higher education follow the international standard set by the Bologna Process. This means that, apart from certain vocational degrees awarded by non-university and college institutions in Hungary, degrees conform to the standard of bachelor, master and PhD degrees.

The Hungarian academic year

The Hungarian academic year runs with teaching from September to June with long holidays in July and August.

English Language Requirements:

IELTS/TOEFL is not compulsory to study in Hungary.


Hungary universities and Government offer scholarships to all international students.