United States remains a leading international study destination with more than 1 million international students based on the current statistics.

The home for the world famous IV-League universities.

HE Colleges and universities across all 50 states offer a wide and diversify range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The degree programs offer a choice of specific major subjects and flexibility of choosing additional modules aligned to your goals and objectives.


US universities and colleges offer three intakes. Intakes may also be referred to as “terms” in some institutions. The three intakes available in the USA are:

  • Fall: Starts in August/September
  • Spring: Starts in January
  • Summer: Available for limited programs and colleges, and usually starts around May.

The average estimated cost of accommodation for international students is around $10,000 to $17,000 per year.

US universities offer modern infrastructure, state of art teaching and research facilities to international students.

Universities in USA