Falcon Education & Consultancy Services (Pvt.) Ltd. took its humble start in 1992 from Lahore. We are proud to be the pioneers of  career counselling and guidance in Pakistan, integrating with international placement and transnational education.

Today Falcon is a recognized brand that has assisted more than 15000 students, since its inception, to successfully achieve their goals. This large group of Falcon alumni is currently serving nationally and internationally, contributing to the development of their respective organizations. 

Our network of international partners around the globe exceeds 250 reputable and recognized educational institutions and training centres.

Welcome to our new website with a visionary new logo that symbolizes your success with Falcon:

Your Wings To Success

Whether you are a student exploring your study options, or an educational enterprise looking to grow in this geographical area, we are  sure you will find something that meets your search crieteria.

Falcon serves you in many ways within the education sector. However, our focus remains on the following three key areas:

  1. Career Counselling and Guidance
  2. International Placements
  3. Transnational Education (TNE)/ Corporate Training

Our expertise in career and academic counselling through a team of highly qualified, trained and experienced counellors, means that you are in good hands – people you can trust and who understand the importance of your educational goals, aligned with your future career prospects.

This new website has been developed keeping in view the increasing information channels available today, particularly social and digital media making it as user friendly as possible for all stakeholders.

We are proud to work under the guidance of our CEO, and founder, Syed Abidi, one of Pakistan’s  leading career counsellors and educationists who has been a recipient of several national and international awards, including Tamgha-e-Imtiaz from the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

We hope that you will find our website informative and helpful, We would welcome your feedback and comments to continuously improve our services and information going forward.

Thank you and wish you all  success in achieving your dream careers!